juniper Networks Malta

Juniper Networks Malta

As one of the leading companies is Networking world, Juniper has secured his global presence by focusing on simplicity and security.

Arcanet as Juniper representative in Malta focuses on bringing Juniper solutions to domestic clients.

Juniper networks offer the best security solutions of its kind, from Firewalls to advanced threat protection. In addition, Juniper offers software-defined secure network platform (SDSN) that integrates and centralizes protection against modern threats and recognizes when and how it is necessary to defend the people, data and infrastructure of a company, using an open framework an automating the security application through the network.

So what Arcanet brings to Malta with Juniper?

We can provide you with state of the art Firewalls, routers, switches, wireless and security devices and any other Juniper solution.

Juniper security devices also help with GDPR Compliance, Law that is applicable in Malta.

Sounds good? You have further questions? Do not hesitate to call us today!